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Monday 5 March 2012

Chase Down No-Good Human Varmints!

Foxes, Bears, Groundhogs... That type of Varmint doesn't have a place in Prospect Falls, the nasty elements here are a whole lot cleverer and wear themselves clothes, they're human varmints of the worst kind...

They can pop up while you're working and try and have away with all your hard worked for goodies so best get used to clobberin them now and locking them up in Sheriff Mae's Jail!

The first type are Claim Jumpers - No good dirty beatniks who want to muscle in on a fellers rightful land and steal his gold from under his nose!

The second type of crook are Greedy Bandits! They'll try to hijack your wagons of food and steal stuff from your stores!

And finally the third type are Cattle Rustlers, those darn good fer nothings want to have away with your animals!

So make sure yer clobberin arm is in full power mode, cause you don't want your stuff lost to those darn tootin snakes!